I quit smoking as per January 1st 2018. It’s about the 8th edition of this classic. It should be the final one!

Previous tries were successful anywhere from 20 hours to 5 months.

Now I’m shooting for a year. I won’t start again after a year, but that’s the latest point in time, I’m giving out 100€ via Paypal to either

a) the first person that asked me on twitter if I started smoking again AFTER I indeed started smoking again


b)  @Guaruja11 . He didn’t want to stop claiming, that no one will ever get that money from me because there is no way I would ever fail. I liked that energy! So I asked him to accept the money for a fancy dinner with his wife, if I indeed manage to stay smokefree. He did, made a reservation (I’m sure) and promised pics.

Feel free to ask me if I smoked when you’re just wasting time anyways. Maybe you’re lucky 🙂