About Me

I’m married to a wonderful sweetheart and proud father of two little boys. They were born in 2013 & 2017.

I’m passionate about creating and living a happy and satisfied life with them.

And I have a thing for parenting. What’s more important than raising kids who have their head in the right place?

I make it a point to feed myself with fresh input on the regular. I enjoy podcasts like Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Noah Kagan, Kevin Rose, The Art of Charm, Brainfluence, the Minimalists, Common Sense, Waking Up and Unemployable. And I like reading as well.

I’m also big into rituals and routines. I grow in whatever way I want over time by setting up the right routine and then following through every day. It guarantees progress. And making progress makes me happy.

And I enjoy a solid foundation to build my days around.

I work an office job in a multinational company since 10+ years. But I don’t know if that is what I am able to do forever. Technology might make my job obsolete well before my retirement age.

I also might just go insane, if I stay for too long. Corporate life is an empty life.

That’s why I prepare myself for what comes next. It will smooth out the transition when the time has come. My family needs my support.

In my pipe dreams, I’m working on my own schedule and create things which influence peoples life’s for the better. And I earn a living from it. The latter is going to be the hard part.

I have some projects I’d love to pursue in mind. But I can’t do it all while holding my 9-5.

As of now, I’m following through on one of the ideas I had.

The general idea is to sell cheap subscriptions to simple – yet effective – online tools or services to a lot of people. I’m talking 10-20 bucks a year cheap. And to deliver at minimum 10 times that price in value to subscribers.

I’m finishing the first site just now. It is called dailynugget.

It offers tools around a daily process I started to develop for myself around 3 years ago. I wanted to be happier. And it worked. With about 5 minutes of effort a day.

So I thought it might work for other people just as well. I’ll find out about that soon.

Check out what I’m doing now, if you’re interested.