TopResources #21 – 07/2019

Hey There,

This is the summer edition of my newsletter. It comes with icecream. And dopamine. And some great tips on how to live longer, better and more fulfilled.

The “how to get rich” podcast is not a scam at all, although the title is like one gigantic red flag. It’s a compilation of unconventional thoughts on (self-)employment and business from an unconventional thinker that you’ll enjoy greatly, if you have any interest in those topics.

It was my favorite discovery of June, for sure!

Have a great month of July!



How to Get Rich – Naval Ravikant

This podcast is a compilation of a Naval Ravikant’s tweetstorm on „How to Get Rich Without Being Lucky“ enhanced with additional commentary.

Naval claims that following these principles, he’ll get rich in 99 out of 100 universes he’s dropped in. Quite a confidence level!

As his strategies emphasize long-term cooperation, compounding benefits of skill & knowledge acquisition and acting in accordance with highest moral standards, I’m certain that his ideas are not a scam.

Hard work is a must, but it has to be put into the right things. This podcast will give you great advice on what your focus should (and shouldn’t) be.

Making Big Decisions Good Decisions – Tynan

The big decisions we have to make might be less important than we think they are.

Whether a big decision was right or wrong depends on all the small decisions that we made afterwards.

Tynan makes a great case for this way of thinking that should serve you well when dwelling on a big decision doesn’t let you sleep at night.

A Guide to Habit Resilience – Leo Babauta

Creating good habits and following up on them is hard work.

It’s definitely worth it, but still tough. It’s even tougher to get back on track, once you broke a habit.

This article details some great strategies to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

How to Slow Down Time and Live Longer – Mr. Money Mustache

Humans are creatures of habit.

And that helps us tremendously in some areas and nearly destroys us in others. Routines also influence the way we perceive time.

So in order to feel like you’ve lived a long life, it might be necessary to switch it up every now and then.

Naval Ravikant – The Joe Rogan Experience

There’s a reason some call Naval Ravikant a modern day philosopher.

You’ll find out in this great 2-hour conversation with Joe Rogan. They discuss a lot of big ideas in this podcast: wealth, happiness, focus, peak performance, AI, jobs of the future, UBI & more.

You’ll feel just a tad smarter after listening to this.

TopResources #20 – 06/2019

Hello There,

Let’s officially welcome the summer with a fresh breeze of fatherhood, time-management, financial prudence, simplicity and life strategies. And cupcakes.

If you’re a father, don’t miss the interview with Craig Wilkinson and possibly the book. They both helped me a lot in being a better father and I’m glad I came across them when I was just starting out!

Have a great month of June,


Masculinity And What It Means To Be a Good Dad – Craig Wilkinson @ TheArtofCharm – Podcast

I listened to this when I was a young father and liked the interview so much, that I bought the book they talked about. That was a great purchase!

I learned some really good techniques from it and still revisit it once or twice a year. The kids grow and things become relevant that weren’t before.

Speaking to my kids in terms of their identity was the most influential thing I took from the book. It’s a game changer if you want your kids to make better choices on their own.

It worked so well in different aspects that I can’t recommend it enough.

100 Blocks A Day  – Tim Urban

Everybody’s days are full and busy.

So we need to make the most out of the time we have and spend it purposely. Thinking of your day in blocks can be eye-opening. And Tim Urban is just a magnificent writer.

Try it for yourself and enjoy more quality time in the fixed quantity you have.

Living Beautifully on 25k – 2k Per Year – Mr. Money Mustache @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Mr. Money Mustache is all about early retirement, wise consumption and smart financial decisions.

It takes surprisingly less to escape the cubicle than I thought.

See for yourself and pick up a lot of useful tips from this podcast.

8 Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life – Leo Babauta

I’m much happier when my life is simple, then when it’s complicated. I notice that when I’m not as happy as I want to be.

Often I let a part of my life become more complex than it was before and it’s time to cut back. But there are other sources of unhappiness that can be drained by keeping life simple.

This article gives you strategies to cope with them.

What is Self-Improvement? – Scott Hyoung

Self-improvement is hard to define.

But a proper definition helps to achieve the outcome one would like, as it already shows a part of the way.

Here’s a helpful effort to define the term and how that should translate to your choice of strategies.

TopResources #19 – 05/2019

May is my favorite month. It’s just beautiful to see all the plants & trees wearing their full green costumes again.

It makes me want to grow as well. It’s like a reminder to switch gears in my personal development again.

After the Easter holidays and several birthdays around that time, I’ll focus on shredding some superfluous parts of my body.

This month’s selection has a wider range of topics. I hope you’ll find value in at least one of the following pieces!

Have a great month of May!



The Starting Out Blueprint – Tynan

What are the things one should focus on when entering adulthood? This article mentions three principles that will generate compounding benefit over time. And if entering adulthood is something you barely remember, don’t forget that you still can start over with most things. And then these principles will serve you as well.

Your Smartphone Is Chopping Your Life into Tiny, Less Meaningful Pieces – Chris Bailey

Smartphones are obviously great devices. Why would we use them so much, if they weren’t? But the constant use comes at a cost. Our ability to pay attention drops. And that has many downsides. You’re probably not aware of all of them. But they’re worth considering.

When to Quit – Lessons from World Class Entrepreneurs, Investors, Authors and More – Tim Ferriss-Show

Outstanding podcast on the question we all ask ourselves from time to time: should I quit or should I persevere. In this podcast known commodities from various backgrounds give their individual take on the topic. Persevering at all costs isn’t always right. But neither is quitting as soon as things don’t go your way. It’s a fine line and this podcast will make you see it more clearly in the future.

New Neuroscience Reveals 3 Secrets That Will Make You Emotionally Intelligent – Eric Barker

Understanding emotions is as important, as it is difficult. This article gives an interesting perspective on the nature of our emotions and shares ways to use this knowledge to become better at letting our emotions work for us, instead of against us.

A Case Against Optimizing Your Life – Leo Babauta

Optimizing one’s life can’t be all there is. Because it takes a lot of time and energy that you can’t spend on the things you’re actually living for. This is a great case against over-optimization and shows practical ways to fight this tendency. It’s like procrastinating while pretending to do something useful. Great read!

TopResources #18 – 04/2019

March is almost over and let me get this out before April 1st has started.

Doesn’t seem like a good date to publish anything to be honest. Especially if you’re serious about something. Like improving yourself.

I really enjoyed these 5 blog posts last month.

Writing things down is a really good habit to have, see Eric Barker and Derek Sivers. But the other pieces are awesome as well!

I wish you a great April of 2019



The 3-Step Evening Ritual That Will Make You Happy – Eric Barker

I find most rituals that are supposed to improve how you feel between your ears worth trying. Because that requires only a lil‘ time and a lil‘ discipline for a couple of days or weeks, but if it works, it pays off greatly. I picked up writing my thoughts down in a journal every evening not too long ago and I find a lot of value in it. This article is about expressive writing, which is not the same, but not too different either. And it explains the benefits well.

Too Lazy to Work Out, Eat Well, or Save Money? Bribe yourself with Habit Points – Chris Bailey

I have my problems with following up on habits for a variety of reasons. But for the most part, I’m doing well. My personal method does not involve rewards for following up on habits other than the benefits of the habits itself. But you might be different. You might be motivated to keep up with your habits in anticipation of a reward. And that’s fine as well. It’s the result that counts. This method might give you better results with less of a struggle.

What’s Going to be Different Tomorrow? – Tynan

Tynan often amazes me with his unconventional approaches to life’s problems. We all know the days where you don’t get much done. I seem to write those days off to quickly and just believe that tomorrow will be different. But will it? Why do I believe that without doing much to make that happen? Tynan takes a more active approach that gets better results. I adopted his method and I love it.

Benefits of a Daily Diary and Topic Journals – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers keeps a daily diary for more than 20 years and felt it was time to share the benefits. I greatly enjoyed the read and tried it myself. I don’t want to miss it already. It feels good to get things of your mind in the evening. And I like how I think more clearly about stuff, once I write it down. It’s a great habit!

The Best Things I Learned About Raising Kids – Leo Babauta

This article is full of great tips on parenting. 2), 4), 7), 11) are absolutely worth reading AND doing. My kids are too young for some of those, but I definitely consider not giving my kids an allowance and letting them earn their money instead. Seems like a good thing to learn early on.

TopResources #17 – 03/2019

Hello Friends,

I had a great month of February and I hope you did as well.

Spring brought out the best of me. I ate well, read a lot and put time into learning new skills instead of wasting it away.

Here’s the 5 pieces of content I found most useful. There should be some stuff in there to make March a brilliant month for you.



10 Reasons Why We Don’t Stick to Things – Leo Babauta

There are a lot of reasons why we don’t stick to changes we want to make.

This article lists 10 common struggles we are facing when trying to establish new behaviors. And it continues with 10 ways to deal with them.

Very useful indeed!

It or Nothing – Tynan

There are a lot of ways to tackle procrastination.

This is one of the more extreme methods I know. But I tried it a couple of times and it worked out well.

Alternatives frame decisions…there seems to be some truth to that.

Sasha Cohen: On Olympian Sacrifices and Life Changes – Big Questions-Podcast

Professional sports careers are bound to end far earlier than life.The transition can be abrupt and will always be tough.

Sasha Cohen gives deep insights on what it takes to perform at an olympic level and how to transition from there to a ’normal‘ life.

Spoiler: it wasn’t easy.

But she learned things everybody in need of making changes can benefit from.

3 Simple Rituals That Will Make You A Fantastic Parent – Eric Barker

It’s easy to be a good parent if things run smoothly and everything is well. But if you’re thrown off your mental balance by the imponderables of life, parenting becomes much harder. Especially if your children add to the troubles you’re already dealing with.

But if you want to be an effective parent, these are the most important occasions.

It’s too easy to lose composure and treat them unfairly because adult things are occupying your mental space.

This article gives you a protocol to follow when talking to your kids about the problems they cause.

And I believe this protocol is worth keeping in mind at all times.

Four Words That Will Give You Ultimate Freedom – AJ Jacobs @ James Altucher – Show

AJ Jacobs has done hundreds of smaller and bigger experiments in his life and writes about them.

In this podcast, he talks about some of them – what he learned and how it affected him later on in life.

Watch out: might make you want to try experimenting a little more in your own life as well. For sure you’re going to be entertained.

TopResources #16 – 02/2019

TopResources #16 – 02/2019

Hey There,

It’s already been a month into 2019.

Writing it out makes it feel kinda fast. How does it feel reading it?

This month, it’s all readables.

I read more when it’s cold outside. Plus there was a lot of good stuff!

I really dig the standard diagnostics approach by Tynan when not feeling to well with how and what I’m doing. It applies more often, than I would have thought. Give it a go, it won’t harm nor cost you.



Standard Diagnostics – Tynan

Whenever we don’t feel at our best, we tend to come up with complex reasons for why that is.

But maybe the problem is much more basic.

Here’s a standard set of diagnostic to run through before you get into all those reasons you’re probably just making up in your own head.

You’ll be surprised how simply „complex“ problems can be solved this way.

Habitual Complaining – The Minimalists

Habitual complaining is a bad habit.

Like smoking. Only without fire.

And it’s not only bad for your lungs but for your overall quality of life. Here’s some nice perspective on that topic.

Awareness is key!

How to Choose Your Purpose Filled Career – Leo Babauta

Your job…

a) …is fun
b) …pays a lot
c) …is legal.

Pick two!

If you think a job with purpose is the secret ingredient you’re missing, this post has some interesting thoughts and suggestions for you.

How I Manage Money – Tynan

This is a two – part post.

Part 1 is about Tynan’s general mindset about money and covers investing and spending.

Part 2 is specifically on spending money, which makes sense to get deeper into, as our spending is the thing we have most control over.

I really like Tynan’s approach towards money.

It might not be suited for everyone, but I got a lot out of it. Spending more in utility is a great thing to consider.

23 Things Artificially Intelligent Computers Can Do Better/Faster/Cheaper Than You Can – Seth Godin

The job landscape is already changing. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, you will soon.

Your job could become obsolete.

Just because you think „No way!“ doesn’t mean, that it won’t happen. Jobs are a lot less complex at you look at them from 20.000 feet above instead from actually doing them!

Here’s a brief summary of what AI can already do and how you should prepare for the inevitable.

This is serious, if you’re younger than 40!

TopResources #15 – 01/2019

TopResources #15 – 01/2019

I’m not a fan of making personal changes just because a digit in the date rolls forward. But it’s as good as any other day to start developing more into who, what and how you want to be.

So I made this first newsletter of 2019 about self-development only. These are 5 of my all-time favorites from this realm.

If you read through the first 4, you will have plenty of ideas what your focus for 2019 could be. And whatever you decide to do, the classic video at the end will push you through.

At least that’s what I hope. Staying focused on a goal and muscling through with consistent action is hard. But doable for everyone!

If you want to know how, just ask me or watch out for future editions of this newsletter 🙂

All the Best for 2019, may all your good wishes become reality!



Do You Make Fear Decisions Or Growth Decisions – James Altucher

If you regret your decisions too often, maybe the question, whether they were based on growth or fear can help you improve in the future. It’s a valuable question to bear in mind.

49 Questions To Improve Your Results – Josh Kaufman

49 questions grouped into 7 categories give you a great starting point to dig into the issues that are holding you back.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck – Mark Manson

You might think everybody can do that easily and you’re right. But doing it correctly can be tough. Here’s your guide.

Do this. Directives – Part 1 – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers compresses the gist of what he learned about different areas of life into directives: simple instructions one can follow, without doing all the research upfront.

Just Do It – Art Williams

Truly inspirational speech from more than 20 years ago. It gives lots of context and perspective to the old advice of „Just do it“. Still highly relevant.

TopResources #14 – 12/2018

TopResources #14 – 12/2018

The year is almost up, but the stream of great content never ends.

I found a lot of value in the 10 strategies to be happier through gratitude. Actually, I really need to put this book on my Christmas wishlist. A.J. Jacobs is an awesome writer and never fails to entertain or educate. This solo-podcast of his is no different!

I also loved the interview with Dr. Rick Hanson. This comes from my repository, as I didn’t find enough great stuff to curate last month. But back in the days, this interview made me buy the book and it changed me noticeably. It’s great to be able to see more goodness around you, especially when you feel like there isn’t much. The book and practice made my life better, no doubt about it!

I hope you’ll have a great month of December and wish you a Merry Merry Christmas!



10 Strategies to Be Happier Through Gratitude – A.J. Jacobs @ Tim Ferriss Show

You don’t get into a stable state of happiness by accident. It’s a skill to get there. You need to use tools and practise with them. Gratitude is such a tool and using it will make you happier. You can’t avoid it. A.J. Jacobs talks about 10 ways to use gratitude effectively and I think he’s on to something here.

New Neuroscience Reveals 9 Rituals That Will Make You An Amazing Parent – Eric Barker

If you want your kids to do what you want without exercising power, being aware of how you talk to them is critical. Kids process what you say very differently from what you’d expect.  And if you take that into account, things will go much smoother. I knew about some of the techniques before and those work great. So I will give the others a try as well.

I Assume I’m Below Average – Derek Sivers

Being humble looks good to others. That’s a plus. But more importantly, you can profit from this mindset yourself and every day. Discover why and how in this one-pager.

Taking In The Good: Teach Your Brain To Change Your Life For The Better  – Dr. Rick Hanson @ TheArtofCharm – Podcast

Ever noticed that our brains seems to be like velcro for the bad but teflon for the good? Kinda sucks, if you think about it, right? Here’s why that is and how you can change that sad fact. I used this method every day for a while and enjoyed its benefits greatly. And today I still use it when I need it.

A Life Of Productivity: The Top 10 lessons I learned From A Year Of Productivity – Chris Bailey

Lessons learned from a year-long experiment: reading everything that is out there on how to be more productive and testing those methods in everyday life. These are the top 10 insights from that year. I’m glad someone went through this for all of us!

TopResources #13 – 11/2018

Top Resources #13 – November 2018

It’s getting cold outside and the family spends more time at home. And that time needs to be filled properly.

Maybe that’s why resources on parenting piqued my interest this month a bit more than usual? Who knows. But if you’re a parent as well, the 2 articles by Eric Barker are worth the few minutes you’ll spend on reading them!

And if you’re not a parent, I got excellent material on negotiating & more for you in this episode. But especially on negotiating: those 4 hours changed my attitude and effectiveness immediately.

Take care and be well,


This Is How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids: 5 Secrets From Research – Eric Barker

Dealing with our emotions is tough for most adults. Me included. Some of that comes from not having learned about that early on. Let’s make life easier for our kids by giving them the head start we didn’t have by supporting them in these 5 ways. I got notable results with my own kids using emotional outbursts as an opportunity for learning and labelling emotions. But the other 3 are no less useful.

The Secrets You Don’t Know About Negotiation Part One – Alex Kouts @ Jordan Harbinger – Show

A lot in life is about negotiating, even if we don’t label it as such. So a lot of success in life comes from your ability to negotiate. @akouts and @JordanHarbinger go deep into the topic and present the concepts in a very practical and entertaining way. It’s 3 parts and about 4 hours of material, but it’s worth the time. I listened to all of them twice and took notes on at least 10 of the concepts they discussed. Got myself a 15% discount in a jewelery store the week after. No joke!

9 Mistakes That Kill Your Charisma – Charisma on Command

Some of us are not exactly relaxed in social situations. And in that state, it’s easy to let things slip because you’re too busy dealing with yourself. Here’s 9 basic things you want to pay attention to at your next social gatherings if you want to have a better time. I definitely need to get better with names. And probably with most of the other 8 things as well.

New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You An Awesome Parent – Eric Barker

When it comes to parenting, I like to have larger concepts in mind and take actions based on those when the opportunity arises. This article helped me to answer the difficult question about the right timing to start teaching my kids specific things.

Money – The Minimalists-Podcast

The Minimalists proclaim living debt-free (with some exceptions) and show how to live a good life while doing so, how to get out of debt and which pitfalls to avoid along the way.


TopResources #12 – 10/2018

Top Resources #12 – October 2018

This is the one-year anniversary edition of the TopResources – newsletter.

It’s still fun for me.

And I hope it’s still valuable to you.

I’m proud of the selection this month. It has a wide variety of topics, all of them are important and the lessons to be learned are  abundant.

Have a great month of October!



Ignore Sunk Costs – Akimbo-Podcast by Seth Godin

Sunk-costs is an economic principle that has wide applications to personal life. If you’re considering the time, money and effort you already put into something too much when making decisions about your future, you’re making bad decisions. Seth claims that if you consider them at all, you’re already at fault. He explains this concept brilliantly in this brief podcast episode.

How To Solve Relationship Problems: 5 Secrets From Research – Eric Barker

There are certain behaviors which increase the likelihood that your relationship won’t last forever. Most of them are common sense. Yet it’s easy to forget about them. Remind yourself of the things you should and shouldn’t do in your relationship. Especially when things get rough. This is simple, yet great advise.

Happiness Is The Only Logical Pursuit – Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache has developed a compelling philosophy of life based on his preference for smart financial decisions. Have a close look at its essence.

Media – The Minimalists-Podcast

For me, regulating media consumption has become a critical issue. What, when and how much I take in leaves its marks on how I feel. The Minimalists have some smart thoughts on this.

The Tail End – Tim Urban

A life of 90 years sounds really long. Not so long though, if you change your perspective a little and consider the mark you’re already at. For instance, if you’re past your 20s, you’ll already have spent more than 90% of the time you’ll ever spend with your parents. This article might give you some ideas on how you want to spend what is remaining.