This is the name of my passion project, which I have been working on for the last 2 years. And as it’s coming closer and closer to completion,  I’d better start promoting.

I’m promoting a mental exercise, which helped me to better myself, my life and the life’s of the people around me. Not every day and all the time, but on average.

All it took was a tiny amount of effort each day.

I’m satisfied with the return on that investment!

That return came over time. And at some point, a question started popping up:

„If it works for me, are there people out there, who can benefit from this as well?”

“Our hardware is pretty much the same, so probably yes.” was the answer I came up with, and I started developing the website.

Now I’m sure you CAN’T WAIT for my sensational one-time offer, with LIMITED availability, gone forever in 72 hours starting RIGHT NOW with a timer ticking…but I got to disappoint you.

It’s free.

And that’s not, because you’re the commodity. Your data will never go anywhere.

I want to see, if it actually helps people. And if so, how many.

That will show me, if dailynugget.de is a potential business or just my quirky hobby. I’d like to know that.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t see myself quitting this service anytime soon, be it 10 or 1.000 subscribers.

If it’s only a few, further development is likely marginal. I can’t program javascript and can’t pay 1.000+ $ to develop something for 10 people.

You’ll understand.

But if there would be a programmer among them who has some time to donate for the cause…that would be a different story!

Regardless, I can see a group of 10 people who all find value in dailynugget to be a plus in everyone’s life in many ways.

And that’s the reason, why it would still be there with only 10 people.

Development will be bigger if lots of people enjoy the service. I have a stash of ideas what dailynugget could look like in stage two. I’d love to make that happen!

Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking and thus nothing but moot for the moment.

But just in case it happens, I want to be upfront with you about something:

In my dream life, I am not sitting in a cubicle.

I love to create and the more meaningful, the better.

So if dailynugget.de looks like it could get me there, I’d take that chance and switch it to a business at some point. Whatever the model would be, I promise that

  1. it will be reasonably priced
  2. you’ll receive some kind of goody (depending on the model) as a member since phase 1
  3. whoever tells me he can’t pay, but wants to continue to use the service gets to use it.

Enough „business“ talk. I’m happy to have that off my chest.

If you’re less content with your life than you’d like to be and have 5 minutes a day to spare, here’s the link to www.dailynugget.de

Leave your email and be the first to know once it’s online. Or subscribe to my newsletter. Launching the site after such a long time is certainly news-worthy.

Launching the site after such a long time is certainly news-worthy.