Needles from the Haystack #18 – 04/2019

Needles from the Haystack

March is almost over and let me get this out before April 1st has started.

Doesn’t seem like a good date to publish anything to be honest. Especially if you’re serious about something. Like improving yourself.

I really enjoyed these 5 blog posts last month.

Writing things down is a really good habit to have, see Eric Barker and Derek Sivers. But the other pieces are awesome as well!

I wish you a great April of 2019



The 3-Step Evening Ritual That Will Make You Happy – Eric Barker

I find most rituals that are supposed to improve how you feel between your ears worth trying. Because that requires only a lil‘ time and a lil‘ discipline for a couple of days or weeks, but if it works, it pays off greatly. I picked up writing my thoughts down in a journal every evening not too long ago and I find a lot of value in it. This article is about expressive writing, which is not the same, but not too different either. And it explains the benefits well.

Too Lazy to Work Out, Eat Well, or Save Money? Bribe yourself with Habit Points – Chris Bailey

I have my problems with following up on habits for a variety of reasons. But for the most part, I’m doing well. My personal method does not involve rewards for following up on habits other than the benefits of the habits itself. But you might be different. You might be motivated to keep up with your habits in anticipation of a reward. And that’s fine as well. It’s the result that counts. This method might give you better results with less of a struggle.

What’s Going to be Different Tomorrow? – Tynan

Tynan often amazes me with his unconventional approaches to life’s problems. We all know the days where you don’t get much done. I seem to write those days off to quickly and just believe that tomorrow will be different. But will it? Why do I believe that without doing much to make that happen? Tynan takes a more active approach that gets better results. I adopted his method and I love it.

Benefits of a Daily Diary and Topic Journals – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers keeps a daily diary for more than 20 years and felt it was time to share the benefits. I greatly enjoyed the read and tried it myself. I don’t want to miss it already. It feels good to get things of your mind in the evening. And I like how I think more clearly about stuff, once I write it down. It’s a great habit!

The Best Things I Learned About Raising Kids – Leo Babauta

This article is full of great tips on parenting. 2), 4), 7), 11) are absolutely worth reading AND doing. My kids are too young for some of those, but I definitely consider not giving my kids an allowance and letting them earn their money instead. Seems like a good thing to learn early on.

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