Needles from the Haystack #2 – 12/2017

Needles from the Haystack

Hey There,

Winter isn’t coming. It’s there. And so is the „Needles from the Haystack“ – newsletter.

Today I have for you…

Enjoy December!

The Very Same Software – Seth Godin

We live in a time where the most people in history have the opportunity to achieve something.

If we take the opportunity and do something, that is.

Get inspired first and going second!

A Brief History Of The Future – Yuval Noah Harari @ James Altucher – Show

Yuval Noah Harari is the author of “Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind”.

He takes a bird’s eye view on human history and explains the developments and inventions which let us become who we are today.

This interview gives you an introduction to the book and a sense of how today’s developments might change the future.

(Intro starts at 2m 12s)

The Code Of Trust – Networking And Social Advice – Robin Dreeke @ The Journal – Podcast

Robin Dreeke is an FBI counterintelligence officer who transferred his professional knowledge on networking to everyday civilian life.

Creating and maintaining trust is the key component.

This interview will give you a lot of hands-on advice on how to improve in a variety of social situations.

(Intro Starts at 1min 47s)

Sharon Salzberg – World Renowned  Meditation Teacher @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Meditation is a tool to get more quality out of life.

Yet many people who would benefit from it never tried.

Maybe because there’s a certain stigma to it?

Get your head set straight from this interview on modern, saecular meditation, it’s benefits to your life and tips for beginners.

(Intro Starts at 5min 58s)

How To Solve Daily Life Problems –

Ever struggled to find solutions to the problems you are facing?

Me too.

Maybe it’s a problem of having no method to get there?

This concise article lays out a 6-step-process from identifying a problem to implementing a well thought-out solution.

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I’d love to send more people useful stuff!

Happy Holidays and Keep well!


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