Needles from the Haystack #20 – 06/2019

Needles from the Haystack

Hello There,

Let’s officially welcome the summer with a fresh breeze of fatherhood, time-management, financial prudence, simplicity and life strategies. And cupcakes.

If you’re a father, don’t miss the interview with Craig Wilkinson and possibly the book. They both helped me a lot in being a better father and I’m glad I came across them when I was just starting out!

Have a great month of June,


Masculinity And What It Means To Be a Good Dad – Craig Wilkinson @ TheArtofCharm – Podcast

I listened to this when I was a young father and liked the interview so much, that I bought the book they talked about. That was a great purchase!

I learned some really good techniques from it and still revisit it once or twice a year. The kids grow and things become relevant that weren’t before.

Speaking to my kids in terms of their identity was the most influential thing I took from the book. It’s a game changer if you want your kids to make better choices on their own.

It worked so well in different aspects that I can’t recommend it enough.

100 Blocks A Day  – Tim Urban

Everybody’s days are full and busy.

So we need to make the most out of the time we have and spend it purposely. Thinking of your day in blocks can be eye-opening. And Tim Urban is just a magnificent writer.

Try it for yourself and enjoy more quality time in the fixed quantity you have.

Living Beautifully on 25k – 2k Per Year – Mr. Money Mustache @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Mr. Money Mustache is all about early retirement, wise consumption and smart financial decisions.

It takes surprisingly less to escape the cubicle than I thought.

See for yourself and pick up a lot of useful tips from this podcast.

8 Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life – Leo Babauta

I’m much happier when my life is simple, then when it’s complicated. I notice that when I’m not as happy as I want to be.

Often I let a part of my life become more complex than it was before and it’s time to cut back. But there are other sources of unhappiness that can be drained by keeping life simple.

This article gives you strategies to cope with them.

What is Self-Improvement? – Scott Hyoung

Self-improvement is hard to define.

But a proper definition helps to achieve the outcome one would like, as it already shows a part of the way.

Here’s a helpful effort to define the term and how that should translate to your choice of strategies.

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