Needles from the Haystack #5 – 3/2018

Needles from the Haystack

This is the 5th installment of the „Needles from the Haystack“ – Newsletter and „Oh Boi“, I found a lot of good things last month.

This month I have for you…

If you only have time for 1 piece, I’d go with the podcast on asking questions, as that is something that is rarely talked about in that detail.

But if a lack of willpower is one of your majoy traits, the article on how to make that last is awesome as well.

If you think I did a good job in selecting the content, please share this with your best friends, family, loose aquaintances, secret lovers and random people on the internet.

I’d love to send more people useful stuff!



The Power Of Questions – Frank Sesno @ TheArtofCharm – Podcast

Asking questions is a useful skill in life. Everybody will agree on this. However, there’s also a lot more skill involved than I previously thought. I particularly liked the categorization of questions and which one to use dependent of the desired outcomes. That’s a useful thing to keep in mind when phrasing your questions. I learned a lot from this.

How To Create Life-Changing Moments – Dan Heath @ Tony Robbins – Podcast

Life is a series of moments and experiences. With the right tools, tactics and insights, you can learn how to create the defining moments that will bring immenese meaning to your lives. That’s what this interview is about: creating the best moments in a variety of life situations.

19 Tiny Habits That Lead To Huge Results – Nicolas Cole

Short article introducing 19 -mostly tiny- habits that give great return on the time invested. I tried most of them at one point or another and still do some of them daily. But I should focus more on number 13 and try to do 16 on the regular.

Why Willpower is Overrated – Brian Resnick

Willpower never lasts. At least, it never did for me. This article gives you the science behind it and indicates, how you need to complement your willpower if you want to persevere. Reducing temptations is a big one for me.

The Master of Second Chances – Catherine Hoke @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Catherine Hoke founded a non-profit to prepare prisoners for a crime-free life after they served their sentences. In particular, she tries to turn them into entrepreneurs. Why she does it is certainly moving, but one can learm a lot from how she does it, what tools she uses et cetera. That part starts at about 50 minutes.

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