Needles from the Haystack #3 – 1/2018

Hi There,

Just a couple of hours more and 2018 will be there. Or it already is, if you’re east of Germany.

In any case: All the Best for the New Year. May it be healthy and prosper for you and your family!

Speaking of healthy and prosper, I have a couple of pieces in store for you, which help with that.

This month, I have for you…

Make 2018 your year!

10 Tips For Quitting Smoking – Leo Babauta

There are thousands of reasons why people fail to quit smoking. Here are 10 hard counters to most of them.

Using A New Lens to Make Life Easier – Tim Ferriss @ James Altucher – Show

I admit: if Tim Ferriss and James Altucher do a podcast together, it’s almost certainly added to this list. But there’s nothing I can do about it. They’re both great by themselves and when they sit together, they’re exponentially better. They talk about a lot of topics. All come from Tim’s new book, Tribe of Mentors, which is an interview book. He asked more than 100 peak performers questions on how they got there. Tim and James discuss some of the answer’s Tim received and add another layer to them. So good!

The 3 Keys to Balancing Safety and Risk in Raising Your Kids – Brett and Kate McKay

I love being a father. Giving my kids what they need and not making too big mistakes in my parenting is the most important thing I can do. When it comes to mistakes, being an overprotective parent is a big one. Kids need to learn how to deal with risk. And that only happens by exposure. This article shines light on the topic: why kids need to learn managing risk and how you make that happen without being irresponsible. It’s a great piece that every parent should read.

The Hardest Sell: Convincing Someone You’re Not What You Used To Be – Scott Adams @ James Altucher – Show

Scott Adams predicted Donald Trump’s win 2 years before election day. Policies played no part in that prediction. It was all about Trump’s skill to persuade. Scott Adams knows a thing or a thousand about that topic. And you can learn a lot about it from this episode. Plus you will never see Trump in the same way again: you’ll recognize what he does and why it works on people who have no idea what he is doing. It’s fascinating. And you can use it in your life as well. Persuade better if you need to. But more importantly, become more aware of persuasion attempts aimed at you and how to disarm them!

On Success Habits And Billionaires With Perfect Abs – Derek Sivers @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Tim Ferriss sits down with his friend Derek Sivers. Derek is a musician, programmer, entrepreneur, writer…I guess it’s fair to call him a jack-of-all-trades. He also happens to have a beautiful view on life and its issues.

They discuss a lot of topics almost everyone is dealing with and give practicable insights and inspiring ideas on how to be better. And it’s entertaining as well.

I can’t recommend this interview enough, it’s one of my absolute favorites.

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