Needles from the Haystack #7 – 5/2018

Hello again,

Spring is in full effect.

But don’t let the flowers be the only thing that grows this month. Feed your mind and let ideas blossom my friends!

This month I have for you…

…an amazingly detailled insight into all the thoughts behind a great joke …great default modes to think and act that make you awesome 90% of the time
…a mini-guide to get you out of your beloved procrastination-habit
…a well-thought out theory on how to pick a career
…what to do on the job in order to add value every single day and have more fun doing so

I loved what’s missing in my job description the most this month. It’s a small but powerful list that is worth having in mind at all times. But if you’re into making (or re-making) career choices right now, that piece is going to help you out a lot as well.

If you think I did a good job in selecting the content, consider spraying the link on every empty wall you can find in the next week. And carve it into some trees as well, if you’d like. But only in already dead ones…mind the environment please!

I’d just love to send more people useful stuff!



Gary Gulman Breaks Down The Best Joke In The World – James Altucher – Show

This podcast has a splash of potential for self-improvement. Namely dealing with the pressure to perform, to meet expectations and the paralyzing fear that might come with that. But mostly, this is just something I have never seen before: a more than 60 minute breakdown of a 6 minute joke. I loved all the little details that went into creating and polishing this joke for years. Watch the joke first here. Then dig deeper if you like it.

Getting The Default Settings Right – Seth Godin

What do we do, if we don’t want to take a decision? We stick with the default. That’s good to know. Now all we have to do is to improve our personal defaults. This is a refreshing piece that shows us what good defaults look like.

Four Things Procrastinators Need To Learn – David Cain

People who procrastinate too much often can’t even tell why. Because it’s difficult to get to the root causes without confusing – or worse – lying to oneself. This article takes four common illusions people fall for and breaks them down to the truths behind them. This article brought me closer to understanding why I sometimes stall to do what I want and what I can do to stop that. No. 2 gave me a lot of clarity in that regard.

How To Pick A Career That Actually Fits You – Tim Urban

This is one of those pieces I’d wish I’d have read when I was about to leave school. Didn’t happen. Born too early. It’s fine. But I still took some valuable hints on choosing careers out of it. And for you it might not be too late at all. It’s a long piece, but totally worth the time.

Missing From Your Job Description – Seth Godin

I like all the little suggestions in this article on how to be a better employee every day. For the company, for your coworkers, for yourself. I actually look at this list every day now and do something from it every now and then. And that makes me more likely to do it again another day. It’s fun and good for everyone involved. Check it out!