Needles from the Haystack #9 – 7/2018

It’s a dry, dry summer.

That’s nice!

But the things I read and listened to last month were kinda dry, too. So I’ll go with 5 pieces from my archive instead.

They aren’t current. But they’re timeless.

I highly recommend the summary of the excellent book „How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big“. It’s a book full of possibly life-changing ideas and this summary captures the main points really well.

Enjoy July!


The Memories We Rehearse Are The Ones We Live With – Seth Godin

How you think and what you tell yourself about the past has way more influence on your future than most people believe. This article puts it as briefly as beautifully.

11 Sentences That Will Change Your Child’s Life –

Kids need their parents to instill values in them. Where else are they supposed to get them? Better not the wrong ones from the wrong people! Here’s a great list of things every parent should speak to their kids about at some point in their lifes.

10 Lessons from „How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big“ – Shane Parrish

Great excerpt of 10 powerful ideas from Scott Adams’s book: „How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big“. The whole book is great. It’s hard to categorize properly, as even the excerpt covers a bit of everything. I use number 1 and 8 every day. Working on 3 and 7.

100 Time, Energy and Attention Hacks to be More Productive – Chris Bailey

We all want to  be more productive, don’t we? Little things can make a big difference in this arena. This article provides 100 ideas for you to try. Most of them are linked to other articles, which give more context and instructions. This guy knows about productivity, because he has tried it all himself.

Zen Habits – Leo Babauta @ TheArtofCharm – Podcast

Over the course of his life, Leo Babauta transformed most of his bad habits into good ones. That’s why he has great methods to share and life advice to give. Very practical podcast interview on being better in a variety of ways.