Needles from the Haystack #11 – 9/2018

Needles from the Haystack #11 – 9/2018

Hey There,

This month I didn’t find many new things worth recommending.

Only the Tim Ferriss – interview with George Raveling stood out.

It’s long. So if you’ve got only an hour to spare, I suggest you’ll start somewhere behind the 1 hour mark. When coach starts talking about how he organizes his life and how he manages himself it becomes pure gold.

But the full thing is great!

Short four pieces, I had to dig into my archive. I was looking for variety and found a good blend of fun, inspiration, practical advice and refreshing thoughts. I hope you’ll like it!

If you do, please smear the link to this on all toilet doors you walk through during the next month.

That’s a too big request? I Yeah…I see that.

So how about sharing the link with one person within your circle instead? I’d love to send more people usefull stuff!

Enjoy fall. It’s my favorite season.



A Legend on Sports, Business and The Great Game of Life – George Raveling @ Tim Ferriss – Show

Coach George Raveling wrote history as a basketball coach, transitioned seamlessly into business in the age of 68 and is still on top of his game at 82. His life-story is very interesting and the life-lessons he learned are nothing short of inspiring. He’s living proof that it is never too late to learn, grow and contribute. It seems to be a fountain of youth for him. And he tells us how he got there.

Stoic Philosophy 101 – Ryan Holiday @ Kevin Rose – Show

Stoicism is a practical philosophy. It offers simple tools that can be used in a variety of life’s challenges. This podcast gives a great overview on the underlying beliefs and specific examples how stoicism can be used to improve one’s life. It made me a little stoic and I feel that this is a great thing.

Getting Started with a Lifestyle Transition – Steve Pavlina

This is a mock conversation that covers many if’s and but’s that one comes up with to avoid changing anything. We tell ourselves a lot of stories to accomplish that. Your objections to change might be covered and resolved in here as well. It’s good to have a look in the mirror every once in a while.

Getting past anxiety and learning how to play again – Charlie Hoehn @ James Altucher – Show

„The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression“.

This interview is about the importance of play in one’s life and problems associated with a lack thereof. It also covers ways to look at your life in a more playful way and how you can gamify your life a little bit to make things more enjoyable to you.

In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed – Shane Parrish

Doing things slow has come out of fashion, no matter where you look. Everything needs to be fast and is expected to be fast. Even our thinking, although that might not be best. Neither for your well-being, nor for the results you produce. Great food for (slow) thoughts on the subject. Take the foot of the gas every once in a while. Don’t rest only your body, rest your mind as well.