Needles from the Haystack #12 – 10/2018

Needles from the Haystack #12 – October 2018

This is the one-year anniversary edition of the „Needles from the Haystack“ – newsletter.

It’s still fun for me.

And I hope it’s still valuable to you.

I’m proud of the selection this month. It has a wide variety of topics, all of them are important and the lessons to be learned are  abundant.

Have a great month of October!



Ignore Sunk Costs – Akimbo-Podcast by Seth Godin

Sunk-costs is an economic principle that has wide applications to personal life. If you’re considering the time, money and effort you already put into something too much when making decisions about your future, you’re making bad decisions. Seth claims that if you consider them at all, you’re already at fault. He explains this concept brilliantly in this brief podcast episode.

How To Solve Relationship Problems: 5 Secrets From Research – Eric Barker

There are certain behaviors which increase the likelihood that your relationship won’t last forever. Most of them are common sense. Yet it’s easy to forget about them. Remind yourself of the things you should and shouldn’t do in your relationship. Especially when things get rough. This is simple, yet great advise.

Happiness Is The Only Logical Pursuit – Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache has developed a compelling philosophy of life based on his preference for smart financial decisions. Have a close look at its essence.

Media – The Minimalists-Podcast

For me, regulating media consumption has become a critical issue. What, when and how much I take in leaves its marks on how I feel. The Minimalists have some smart thoughts on this.

The Tail End – Tim Urban

A life of 90 years sounds really long. Not so long though, if you change your perspective a little and consider the mark you’re already at. For instance, if you’re past your 20s, you’ll already have spent more than 90% of the time you’ll ever spend with your parents. This article might give you some ideas on how you want to spend what is remaining.