Needles from the Haystack #21 – 07/2019

Hey There,

This is the summer edition of my newsletter. It comes with icecream. And dopamine. And some great tips on how to live longer, better and more fulfilled.

The “how to get rich” podcast is not a scam at all, although the title is like one gigantic red flag. It’s a compilation of unconventional thoughts on (self-)employment and business from an unconventional thinker that you’ll enjoy greatly, if you have any interest in those topics.

It was my favorite discovery of June, for sure!

Have a great month of July!



How to Get Rich – Naval Ravikant

This podcast is a compilation of a Naval Ravikant’s tweetstorm on „How to Get Rich Without Being Lucky“ enhanced with additional commentary.

Naval claims that following these principles, he’ll get rich in 99 out of 100 universes he’s dropped in. Quite a confidence level!

As his strategies emphasize long-term cooperation, compounding benefits of skill & knowledge acquisition and acting in accordance with highest moral standards, I’m certain that his ideas are not a scam.

Hard work is a must, but it has to be put into the right things. This podcast will give you great advice on what your focus should (and shouldn’t) be.

Making Big Decisions Good Decisions – Tynan

The big decisions we have to make might be less important than we think they are.

Whether a big decision was right or wrong depends on all the small decisions that we made afterwards.

Tynan makes a great case for this way of thinking that should serve you well when dwelling on a big decision doesn’t let you sleep at night.

A Guide to Habit Resilience – Leo Babauta

Creating good habits and following up on them is hard work.

It’s definitely worth it, but still tough. It’s even tougher to get back on track, once you broke a habit.

This article details some great strategies to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

How to Slow Down Time and Live Longer – Mr. Money Mustache

Humans are creatures of habit.

And that helps us tremendously in some areas and nearly destroys us in others. Routines also influence the way we perceive time.

So in order to feel like you’ve lived a long life, it might be necessary to switch it up every now and then.

Naval Ravikant – The Joe Rogan Experience

There’s a reason some call Naval Ravikant a modern day philosopher.

You’ll find out in this great 2-hour conversation with Joe Rogan. They discuss a lot of big ideas in this podcast: wealth, happiness, focus, peak performance, AI, jobs of the future, UBI & more.

You’ll feel just a tad smarter after listening to this.