Needles from the Haystack #26 – 12/2019

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to get started on some resolutions.

This month’s pieces will give you ample suggestions on what to work on in the next year.

You’ll learn how…

I can’t serve you dinner for Christmas, but this is the next best thing I can do.

Enjoy the month of December, the Holidays and have an awesome start into 2020!



Jim Dethmer: Leading Above the Line @ The Knowledge Project – Podcast

This podcast has a lots of practical advise on what you can do to be a better version of yourself:

  • a better partner to the ones you love
  • a better colleague to the ones you work with
  • a better parent to your children.

I enjoy the mind- and thoughtful approach that Jim’s line-concept brings to the table.

It’s an easy to remember idea that creates awareness in your daily interactions.

Cutting Through Indecision & Overthinking – Leo Babauta

If you’re overthinking a lot, you’ll know how hard it is to overcome this habit.

Understanding what really happens when you overthink is the first step to finding a practical solution to the problem.

This article provides both in a short & sweet way.

The Most Important Daily Task – Tynan

Daily effort compounds to great results over time.

If you do the right thing and do that consistently, you’re ensuring progress in the direction you desire.

This article provides a practicable way to identify the one task to prioritize each day.

Then it’s up to you to follow through.

Working Up the Ladder – Tynan

This article ties so well to the previous one.

Because sometimes, we’d like to be productive and work on that important thing we know we should be doing.

But we might just don’t feel like starting or generally off-beat.

This article describes a great simple method that can slowly turn an unproductive day around.

On Happiness Hacks And The 5 Chimps Theory – Naval Ravikant @ Tim Ferriss – Show

This a wide ranging Q&A – episode in which Naval Ravikant shares (but not limited to)

  • some of his happiness hacks
  • thoughts on how to live a better life
  • how to deal with conflict and anger.

Spending time on a podcast with Naval is ALWAYS time well-spent because I ALWAYS pick up some useful thoughts.

Listening to this is a must!