Needles from the Haystack #29 – 03/2020

Needles from the Haystack 29

Hey There,

1/6 of the year is already gone. Did you stick to at least 1/6 of your New Year’s resolutions so far?

If you didn’t manage to change a certain behavior, the 1st article by Leo Babauta is exactly what you need.

It provides the right mindset for making lasting change, even if you fall back into your old ways every now and then.

But the other pieces will be equally helpful.

I really enjoyed the article by Erick Godsey as well. His list of flawed ways to think which create negative emotions is worth remembering.

Have a great month of March!



Starting Over And Over Again – Leo Babauta

Life rarely goes according to plan. Plans get disrupted all the time.

And sometimes, we get discouraged by it. We get off track and stay there.

What you need to do is the ability to re-start.

Again. And again. And again.

This is a practical guide to letting go of what happened and getting back into action again.

Communing With Our Demons: Metaprogramming Automatic Thinking – Erick Godsey

This article explains the biases we are subjected to and confused by when it comes to dealing with our emotions.

It also offers a practical exercise to get to the bottom of that barrel.

Accelerated Learning and Mentoring – Tim Ferriss – Show

Tim Ferriss is interviewed about his methods to learn things quickly, why being mentored was very important for his development and how he wants to create „an army of benevolent teachers“.

Very inspiring and useful!

12 Habits That Set Ultra Successful People Apart – Travis Bradberry

I don’t know if this really is what sets successful people apart.

But I know, that I enjoy this list of useful skills / traits.

I think working on any of them is worth it.

Is Ignorance The Problem – Seth Godin

When people act different than you’d like them to, they are not ignoring what you say.

The problem lies elsewhere.

Good news: if you work on that, you will solve it.

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