Needles from the Haystack #30 – 04/2020

Welcome to the lockdown – edition of the Needles from the Haystack – newsletter.

It’s crazy how much the world changed in the blink of an eye, isn’t it?

Do you think it’s crazy if I told you that you’re able to make big changes in your life in not that much longer time?

I believe you can draw some inspiration from this newsletter.

First and foremost, we’ll start to tear down that belief, that you are what you are and that it will stay that way with Brian Clark.

Then we’ll have a look into the meaning of life with Derek Sivers.

Afterwards, get on with improving your decision-making, health or one of the 120 things Louis Tsai would recommend to his younger self.

Stay healthy,


The Persistent Illusion That Prevents Personal Growth – Brian Clark

This is a short and interesting take on why people become stuck in a fixed mindset and what transitioning to a growth mindset might look like.

If you’re not familiar with those terms, this is the time to learn about them.

It’s necessary to get out of a fixed mindset, but it’s almost impossible to do without knowing what that means and what the alternative is.

The Meaning Of Life – Derek Sivers

Awesome discussion on all the things the meaning of life could be – ending in an inspirational conclusion.

What do you think the meaning of life is?

How To Simplify Your Decision Making – Noah Kagan

Many people have trouble making decisions, small or big.

Here are some strategies to simplify your decision making and have more time for the execution in the future.

I used this a lot since learning about it!

Radio Hour: Controlling Stress, Nutrition Upgrades and Improved Health – Tim Ferriss Show

An hour full of practical knowledge -great tips, hacks and things to think about- if you want to get healthier or just stay healthy long term.

It covers the mind and the body.

120 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Would Have Given my Younger Self – Louis Tsai

This article combines 120 life lessons from 10 books in just 3.300 words.

Talk about efficiency!

There are some really good ones in there.

I’d be surprised if none of those ideas is worth trying for you.

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