Needles from the Haystack #24 – 10/2019

Needles from the Haystack

Hi There,

Sober October starts tomorrow. But you can still get drunk on delicious wisdom to improve your life.

And that’s what this edition serves once again.

Some productivity tips, ideas to improve your relationships, insights on how your mind actually works in the background and some parenting sprinkled in…I call that a balanced diet for your brain.

Enjoy October!



Relax For The Same Result – Derek Sivers

This is a very brief tale that shows you how saving energy and resources doesn’t necessarily imply getting worse results.

I enjoy to re-read it from time to time when I feel like I’m running over capacity.

It’s so calming, relaxing and best of all: true.

121 Strategies To Get Work Done Fast –

A great way to have more time to relax is to get more done beforehand.

This is a great list to get an overview on effective ways to increase your productivity.

Try the ones that make most sense to you.

Most come at no cost other than trying a different way of doing things.

These Battles Just Aren’t Worth Fighting, According To Real Parents – Angel Soft

I think fighting battles with your kids is inevitable. It’s a part of the deal and that’s ok.

As an adult, you should make sure that you don’t start unnecessary ones. Otherwise you’ll stress your kids and yourself out more than you need to. And your kids might even lose faith in your judgement.

These are some practical thoughts on where to draw the line between fighting with your kids and just letting them be.

Relationships – The Minimalists-Podcast

What I really like about the Minimalists and their philosophies is, that most of them transfer very well to areas outside of material possessions.

Relationships are a great example and what this podcast episode is about.

They talk about a lot of things to do (or not to do) in a relationship. And all come from an open heart.

There’s a lot of stuff in there that you can use right away.

Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention – Tristan Harris @ Tim Ferriss – Show

This whole episode is interesting, but the first hour or so is highly relevant for self-improvement.

It’s about the power of words, directing attention and explaining the whole machinery that is running in the back of our minds without us even noticing.

You can use that to your advantage, as all marketers and social media companies use it to theirs.

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